PILLARS OF IVORY - The Biblical Scripturez 12"

PILLARS OF IVORY - The Biblical Scripturez 12"

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The Biblical Scripturez contains both the Genesis & Exodus 7"s along with a new Book of Leviticus. This is a 1 time pressing of 1000 copies. 300gsm jackets with gold foil stamped covers. layout designed by Kyle Niland. These will ship towards the end of May.

Book 1. Genesis
1. D.R.E.A.M.
2. Salute!
3. T.W.C.T.P.O

Book 2. Exodus
1. Voyage
2. Light Inside featuring Lukey Cage
3. Lost Soulz

Book 3. Leviticus
1. Lukey Cage SDS Connect
2. Leviticus
3. Cash on Delivery


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Clear Orange w/White Splatter (out of 300)
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