Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)
Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)
Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)
Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)
Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)

Missing Link - Watch Me Bleed (Pre-Order)

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Hailing from across the Northeast, Missing Link is ready to pummel audiences with their ferocious brand of metallic hardcore, honed to a razors edge by years of experience in the studio and on the stage. Today, the band announce their debut album, Watch Me Bleed, out June 7th on Triple B Records. You can check out the vicious first single “NY Minute” HERE. Formed during the peak of COVID, the band first broke out with 2020’s My Time on the Cross EP and 2022’s No Saving Grace EP before signing with Triple B in Summer 2023. Watch Me Bleed was recorded with with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Chicago and the eleven songs are exactly as bleak and brutal as you’d expect from a lineup that shares members with Internal Bleeding, Pain Of Truth, Recon, and Blood Runs Cold to name a few. Adding more fuel to the fire, the album features guest appearances from Justice Tripp, Richie Krutch, Gridiron, Dustin Lovell and Bruce Lepage.

“NY Minute” captures an aura of tension and paranoia punctuated by blazing fast drumming, gruff vocals and angular riffs. The climate of fear evoked by the songs on Watch Me Bleed was meant to be translated onto the stage and out into the audience. The band cites playing live as one the major influences for the songs on the album, stating:

“The energy we all felt when we were first going to shows was adrenaline, fear, curiosity, and the love for the music and culture. So, we try and put that on as best we can for our live shows.”


  1. Pillar of Salt
  2. New York Minute
  3. Scraps for the Dog
  4. Numbers on the Board
  5. Glory or Death
  6. Another Cross
  7. Crusade
  8. I Want To Kill You (PT. 2)
  9. Pillory
  10. See Ya Later
  11. Genuflect

Pressing Info:

Test Press (out of 17)
Black Ice w/White Splatter (out of 100) *BBB Exclusive*
Ultra Clear w/Red Splatter (out of 100) *DAZE Exclusive*
Black Ice / White Swirl w/Red Splatter (out of 300) *BBB 2*
Cloudy Red (out of 500) *General*

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