FIRE & ICE "Gods & Devils" 7"

FIRE & ICE "Gods & Devils" 7"

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debut 7" from Richmond's FIRE & ICE. Vinyl long sold out.


Test Press (out of 15)
1st Press on Metallic Silver (out of 100)
1st Press on Clear w/Red and Silver splatter (out of 200)
1st Press on Black (out of 350)
2nd Press on Metallic Gold (out of 100)
2nd Press on Coke Bottle Blue (out of 300)
Fall 2009 Tour Press on Black (out of 100)
Winter 2009/2010 Tour Press on Black (out of 100)
United Blood 2010 Press (BBB Edition) #'d out of 100 on Clear w/red and silver splatter
United Blood 2010 Press w/Agnostic Front ripoff cover on Black vinyl (out of 50)

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