MINDWAR - Still At War CD / LP
MINDWAR - Still At War CD / LP
MINDWAR - Still At War CD / LP
MINDWAR - Still At War CD / LP

MINDWAR - Still At War CD / LP

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Hailing all the way from Belgium, Mindwar have joined forces with BBB to release their debut LP "Still At War". The Lokeren Belgium riffers have been going at it since 2015 and are ready to make their presence known around the globe. World Wide Hardcore. These LP's are housed in a 400gsm jacket and include digital download cards. These will be in hands shipping around the May 17 street date.

Pressing Info: 

Test Press (out of 17)

Blue inside Ultra Clear w/Gold & Olive Green Splatter (out of 200) *BBB Exclusive*

Cloudy Blood Red (out of 100) *Farewell Records Exclusive*

Dark Blue / Gold / Cream Smash (out of 200) *BBB Exclusive 2*

Ultra Clear w/Dark Blue & Gold Splatter (out of 500) *General*


1. The Declaration

2. My Revenge

3. Empty Values

4. Face the Truth

5. S.M.P.

6. Casus Belli

7. The Decree

8. Collective Compulsion

9. Still At War

10. Curse Called Love


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